Forest mulchers

We are a china based company involved in the manufacture of small engineering machinery used for various purposes. There are various technique of clearing forest area and some of them are clear cutting, slash and burn, selective logging. With the urbanization accelerating at a faster rate in the world, there is a huge destruction of forest area for housing, agriculture and various commercial purpose. For clearing these forest area, man power and huge machinery is needed. We even conduct research and development based manufacture. We have numerous small and big units being exported to America, Canada, Russia, India and various other countries.

If you want a machine that can easily twist and turn around the various growths of forests then we have forest mulchers that can engage in the process of shredding. By using forest mulching machine for cutting trees, various steps are eliminated for the site preparation purpose. They are used to through in deep and dense vegetation. Heavy mulchers have the capacity to mow into 15 acres of land. One of the benefits of using these forest mulchers is that they benefit us by not using bulldozers and various other equipments used to cut down trees and forests. Forest mulchers have the advantages of operating in steep slope and tight areas.

Moreover we also have been including the sale of trencher. They can be used in cases where one wants to lay down a pipeline or installing a drainage system by digging down the deep trenches of soil. We have trenchers in various sizes and models. These trenchers also come in with a number of attachments that can be used for further other purposes. Wheel trenchers, chain trenchers, micro trenchers, portable trenchers, etc are some of the types of trenchers available for digging trenches. We have been avid manufacturers of tree spade adjoined trenchers. There are various types of trencher depending upon the width and depth of the trench and the hardness of the soil on which the trencher is to be used.

A tree spade is machine with a mechanism to transplant large trees without the use of spades, wagons and other equipment’s. There are various types of tree spade according to soil condition and consumer requirement. Some of them are straight v/s curved blades, root ball diameter, root ball depth, and root ball cone angle.

Thus you can get anything that can combine together to yield a satisfying work result.


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